Students vs Anxieties Performance

Real team work

First and second year Advanced English students worked with Mr. Patrick Joyce to conceptualize, “story-board,” and script a brief, yet powerful three act mini-play. The skit brought to life the all too common situations and feelings connected with the high school experience. The audience witnessed a day in the life of “Paulina,” an earnest student who is just a little distracted at times by her friends and technological devices. She unsuccessfully works through an essay in the wee hours of the morning, forgets about an exam, suffers the consequences as she receives the ire of her teacher and parent. Two narrators, Karol Rolla and Jasmine Rawicz, told Paulina’s story from two perspectives: narration of events and stream of consciousness. We asked the audience to try to empathize with her feelings. The conclusion of the play brought all participating students onto the stage to highlight six specific sources of anxiety: long school days, lots of homework, not enough time for friends, not enough time to explore personal interests, difficulty getting rest, and extra projects. Thankfully, our amazing students also shared their determination to effectively deal with these stresses by adopting six proven strategies: avoiding procrastination, making time for sleep, controlling electronic devices, scheduling time with friends, asking for help, and using extra time to chase their personal interests. The preparation and performance required real team-work and brought us together as a class

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