Southern Hemisphere

in Global Citizenship Education

In December Class 1A and 2A ventured to the Southern Hemisphere in Global Citizenship Education.

Students learned how Australia received its name (think Latin!) and got a feel for the varied physical and political geography of the “Red Continent.” Of course, a discussion of Australia would be remiss without a crash course in “Aussie” English lingo coupled with topic of deadly dangers unique to the land “Down Under!” Do you happen to know dinkum digger is? How about a iffy ocker? Feel free to have a chinwag with Class 1A and 2A and they’ll explain it all to you! Students next paired up tfor some creative writing. Story creation is actually one of the writing tasks that pupils will be challenged with on the Cambridge B1 Examination! Mr. Joyce explained the typical literary story “arc”: Rising Action, Climax, and Resolution. Writing teams used as much Aussie lingo as possible to construct short tales of adventure, survival and tragedy in the Outback. Protagonists were faced with great white sharks, red back spiders, hungry crocodiles, scorching desert sun, and killer kangaroos! Productions were vivid and humorous! We even connected with some real Australians to read the stories aloud in their distinct “Down Under” accents.

Where will we go next in G.C.E. class?