Mock Examination

in our High School

A “mock examination” in our High School is a practice test that follows all the rules of an actual examination. On Thursday, March 10th, our Advanced Level English and Proficiency Level English students took part in our annual Cambridge Mock Examination Day.
Dressed smartly, full of excitement (and nerves), students arrived at school ready for action. The examinations consisted of two ninety-minute reading and writing parts, a forty-minute listening section, and a speaking evaluation. It was a “marathon” English language day indeed!

What are the benefits of mock exams? During and after the mock, candidates can analyze their performance, avoid repeating the same mistakes on the actual examination. It also gives students an idea about patterns of the questions, the kinds of questions that can be asked, and the level of difficulty of the questions, and the time needed for each section of the test.

Of course, mock exams are not mandatory for candidates, who may still be somewhat prepared for a given test. The simulated test environment, however, definitely helps students learn to manage the nerves and angst that they will experience on their selected test date.

Our students have a 100% success rate in the Cambridge Examinations. We’re proud of this fact! Practice makes perfect and we feel confident that our mock exam days make the difference!

Benefits of mock examinations:
-analysis of performance and results
-time management
-reduces pre-exam nervousness
-helps to track of your progress

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