Berlin 2021

English Field Trip

In our high school, students dont just learn English during the classes. They also put it into practice in various school outings, trips, and activities. Here is a glimpse of the class 1a and b taking this exciting adventure in Berlin.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said that We are not makers of history. We are made by history. The significant historical sites what we visited left deep impressions in the students hearts.

On day one, after checking-into the apartments, the students visited the original site of the world-famous Berlin Wall and the Berlin TV tower. The Berlin Wall sites were filled with tragedies. The sites reminded every visitor how greed and cruelty can afflict so much pain and sorrow onto others. It is a reminder of certain actions and decisions should never be repeated.
Afterwards, the students had a chance to taste of Americas beloved breakfast dessert from Dunkin Donuts to lift their spirit.

On day two, students visited two museums: the Altes and Neuse Museum to admire ancient Greek and Egyptian exhibits. The exhibits showed students that throughout the human history, mankind had always been seeking for peace, prosperity, and higher life qualities. It was mesmerizing that the beautiful Egyptian reliefs clearly demonstrated peoples desire of having the same things for their after lives. After a couple hours of rest at the apartments, the students all got dressed up and went to see the Blue Man Show. It was a live concert with original cover music which combined elements of art and comedy. The show was just brilliant!

The next day, we went to see a small, but very beautiful town outside of Berlin, Potsdam. The town square was clean and relaxing. The students visited the Kings Palace afterwards. The Palace was huge and very well preserved. The vastness and sophisticated design of the gardens truly made a deep impression on students.

The students visited the Tropical Island on day 4. They deeply enjoyed the nice and hot artificial climate in there. It was a huge indoor tropical garden with a super fun water park! Everyone had a great time there!

On the last day of the trip, the students visited the Berlin Zoo. The abundance of animals was just astonishing.
We invite you to have a glimpse of what we experienced

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