Advanced Academic Performance Review

Individual meeting with our students

In November, we had the privilege to meet individually with all the students who are preparing to write the B2 and C1 Cambridge Examination this school year. Before the meeting, the students were asked to analyze their competencies and involvement in English lessons. All skills tested in the Cambridge exam were assessed: reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary, writing and speaking. The students made a self-assessment based on the results of the October mock exam, as well as class work and current grades. The talks were conducted in a pleasant atmosphere and students were often accompanied by their supportive parents. Our students shared their perspectives at the meeting: strengths and skills they wished to improve. We shared both time tested and innovative strategies to develop English skills in free time: reading books, magazines and articles on the Internet, listening to podcasts, watching movies, series in the original language, preparing flashcards with new vocabulary, and speaking English with family, friends and even gamers. We are very happy that we had the opportunity to meet with you, dear parents and students. We encourage you to put these ideas into practice and wish you much success this school year!

You can watch our video on YouTube.

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Performance Evaluation C1