Shark Tank

Life Skills Class

Shark Tank! : Season 1

In Life Skills Class we persistently seek to make the connection academics and future career and business endeavors. In reality, life in the real world is not so far away! High school is a perfect time to build the “hard skills” and “soft skills” that will come in handy in the future. In the Fall Semester we explored avenues of student entrepreneurship loosely based on the hit American Reality TV Show “Shark Tank.” Likely for the first time, students developed their very own business plan. They employed their powers of perception to analyze the market here in Poland, brainstormed needed products & services, focused in on a targeted market, created a “call to action,” decided on a fair price and visualized how they might grow and expand their business!

Our amazing students EXPLODED with incredible ideas ranging from online clothing stores, to mobile bakeries, collector items, streaming channels, cleaning services, bio-tech payment systems, driving schools, fitness gyms, social media managers, fashion designers, social-network support, computer gaming tutors, chemistry teaching, a seafood restaurant, sports apparel, app developers, website developers, and bespoke portraiture–just to name a few!

Next, they prepared, practiced and presented, their business ideas to an audience of peers. They were given three options to pitch their business: (1) live and in person (2) through a video commercial or (3) with a power point and voice recording. Students evaluated each other’s ideas, offered constructive suggestions via a feedback matrix form.

Presentations were VERY impressive! Our students and teacher handed out pizzas and praise to the three most persuasive pitches! We are already looking forward future million dollar ideas on the next season of SHARK TANK !!