What makes Edukacja Spoleczna’s English program second to none?

We're thrilled you asked!

QUESTION: What makes Edukacja Spoleczna’s English program second to none?

We’re thrilled you asked!

ANSWERS: Our immersive English language programs! Students spend up to 7 classes each week 100% immersed in English education with their teachers and classmates.
Unparalleled Cambridge English Examination preparation! Our school not only offers training for Cambridge B1, B2, and C1 (Advanced) level exams, 100% of our students pass the Cambridge Exams, most with flying colours. In fact, in the 2021-2022 academic year, Edukacja Spoleczna became the first high school in Poland to offer a C2 Proficiency Level preparation course.
Exciting trips close to home and across the European Union!
Highy qualified instructors from right here in Poland, Cananda and the United States.
We explore our capital city, Warsaw and it’s connections to the international community.
Opportunities to improve presentations skills in class and showcase our talents on stage.
Language is a passport to world. And our students have their passports stamped for future opportunities as they pass exams and gain confidence in using English. We are proud of our accomplishments and ready to educate many more bright minds in the academic year ahead. Will you join us?

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