Język angielski, native


Patrick Joyce

Hello! I am a native English teacher from the United States. I’ve been living abroad and teaching English since 2015. Prior to this, I worked in retail banking and mortgage services for Wells Fargo. I was raised in a dynamic, communicative environment—my mother was a teacher and my father managed the newsroom at a local television station in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My love of English is a result of my upbringing. As the son of a teacher and a media producer, my parents required precise and organized speaking and writing. Their pithy maxims still echo between my ears: “Good writing requires an ECONOMY OF WORDS.”  As an English teacher, I endeavor to blend the best of what I learned, my real-world experiences with he current pedagogical approaches to teaching. My goal is to empower learners to see the immediate and practical application of the grammatical structures and vocabulary that they sometimes regard as boring. Of course, passing the lofty Cambridge Examination is another goal that I share with students. Their success is my success. While challenging, I sincerely believe that this objective is attainable for dedicated and intrepid young learners.  Regardless of a students’ exposure (or lack of it) to English, I love having the opportunity to introduce and reinforce English language skills in a stimulating and humorous way. On a personal note, I fell in love with Poland in 2015 when I visited for the first time.  I fell in love with my wife in 2019 and we moved to Poland that same year–we are so very happy to be here!  On weekends, you’ll find us exploring the parks, eateries and music venues of your beautiful capital city.

– Bachelor of Education, University of Science Arts & Technology
– Associates degree Business Management, Community College of Allegheny
– Tesol certification from The Canadian Institute of English
– Private instructor of English language public speaking and presentation skills
– Volunteer teacher in the Virginia Department of Corrections (US state prison system) 2012-15

– Since September of 2019 – Teacher at Dwujęzyczna Szkoła Podstawowa w Łomiankach
– English Grammar/Writing/Speaking/Listening
– Global Citizenship Class
– Life Skills & presentation skills class
– Teacher at Utopia Education in Guangzhou, China
– KET, PET, B1, B2 preparatory classes
– Organized and prepared student trips to UK, Australia, New Zealand & Germany
– Prepared advanced students for English language university admissions interviews and essays